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Name Area (ha) Free (ha) City Country
AEQT - Tarragona Chemical Cluster 442.0 Tarragona Spain
Agro-Chemie Park Piesteritz 220.0 30.0 Piesteritz Germany
AkzoNobel R&D center Felling UK Felling United Kingdom
BASF Schwarzheide GmbH 265.0 100.0 Schwarzheide Germany
BASF SE, Ludwigshafen 1000.0 50.0 Ludwigshafen Germany
Castrop-Rauxel 106.0 25.0 Castrop-Rauxel Germany
ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel 2000.0 250.0 Brunsbüttel Germany
Chemelot 50.0 Geleen The Netherlands
Chemical Cluster Delfzijl 1469.0 435.0 Delfzijl The Netherlands
ChemiePark Bitterfeld Wolfen 1200.0 160.0 Bitterfeld Wolfen Germany
Chemiepark Knapsack 180.0 22.0 Huerth/Cologne Germany
Chemiepark Linz 120.0 20.0 Linz Austria
Chemie- und Industriepark Zeitz 232.0 50.0 Zeitz Germany
Chemparc Lacq 450.0 60.0 Lacq France
Chempark Dormagen 360.0 25.0 Dormagen Germany
Chempark Krefeld-Uerdingen 260.0 40.0 Krefeld-Uerdingen Germany
Chempark Leverkusen Currenta 480.0 Leverkusen Germany
EMMTEC Industry & Business Park 1000.0 25.0 Emmen The Netherlands
Fos-Lavera-Berre 0.0 0.0 Fos sur Mer France
GENDORF Chemical Park 197.0 50.0 Burgkirchen a.d.Alz Germany
Grangemouth Grangemouth United Kingdom
Hellisheiði ON-Power Hellisheiði Iceland
Huelva 1700.0 760.0 Huelva & Palos de la Frontera Spain
Industrial Park Dorsten-Marl 70.0 30.0 Dorsten Germany
Industriepark Höchst 460.0 50.0 Frankfurt-Höchst Germany
IndustriePark Lingen 500.0 120.0 Lingen Germany
Industriepark Premnitz 115.0 30.0 Potsdam Germany
Industriepark Schwarze Pumpe 680.0 80.0 Spremberg Germany
Industriepark Solvay Rheinberg 261.0 80.0 Rheinberg Germany
industriepark walsrode 130.0 30.0 Walsrode Germany
INEOS Antwerp site Antwerp Belgium
InfraLeuna GmbH 1300.0 70.0 Leuna Germany
Infrapark Baselland 37.0 16.0 Muttenz Switzerland
Kohtla-Järve 345.0 Kohtla-Järve Estonia
Kokkola Industrial Park 600.0 70.0 Kokkola Finland
Krefeld-Uerdingen Currenta 330.0 25.0 Krefeld-Uerdingen Germany
Marl Chemical Park 650.0 40.0 Marl Germany
Monksland Monksland Ireland
NUON Industriepark Oberbruch 100.0 35.0 Oberbruch Germany
Pétfürdö Pétfürdö Hungary
Port Jérôme Lillebonne, Notre Dame de Gravenchon France
Port of Amsterdam 1200.0 300.0 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Port Of Antwerp 1000.0 Antwerp Belgium
Port of Le Havre 10000.0 100.0 Le Have, Port-Jérôme France
Port of Rotterdam 300.0 Rotterdam The Netherlands
Port of Rouen Rouen France
Porto Marghera Italy
Porvoo Finland
Saltend Chemicals Parks 150.0 Hull United Kingdom
Schkopau Schkopau Germany
Schwechat Austria
Schwedt/Oder PCK Raffinerie GmbH 800.0 100.0 Schwedt Germany
Solvay Ind.park 24.0 20.0 Bad Zurzach Switzerland
Środa Śląska Środa Poland
Stade 903.0 Stade Germany
Stenungsund Stenungsund Sweden
Strážske Chemko Slovakia
Tessenderloo Tessenderloo Belgium
Turek Turek Poland
Valuepark Terneuzen 80.0 Terneuzen The Netherlands
Wilton International Middlesbrough United Kingdom
Wolfgang Industrial Park 82.0 27.5 Hanau Germany
ZILS - Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone 2375.0 590.4 Sines Portugal


France did not only surprise the world with the election of Macron as President, there was more news from France, that also could change the chemical landscape. In June a subsidiary of Samfi Invest announced plans for a large scale production  of “green” hydrogen.  Instead of the common steam reforming of natural gas, this production starts with the electrolysis of water, resulting in hydrogen and oxygen.

ECSPP Quarterly Message from the ECSPP President - Q3 2017

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New Lewabrane ULP line launched for removing micropollutants in water treatment

LANXESS doubles membrane production capacity

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What would happen to the chemical industry if the price of oil continued to be volatile? And is it possible that it could continue to be priced at a relatively low level for a long time?

Turmoil ahead for crude oil pricing

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The Supervisory Board of PDH Polska S.A., Grupa Azoty’s SPV, approved the Management Board’s recommendation concerning the construction of a polypropylene plant in Police. This is potentially a far more attractive option for Grupa Azoty than production of propylene, which has also been considered. The final decisions are expected to be made in Q4 2017.

Grupa Azoty is considering launch of polypropylene production in Police

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