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Name Area (ha) Free (ha) City Country
ZILS - Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone 2375.0 590.4 Sines Portugal

About the Portuguese chemical industry

The Portuguese chemical industry provides integrated parks with pipeline grids for a whole range of chemical substances including Crude oil, Methanol, Naphta Petroleum and Natural gas.

All clusters are located next to a sea harbor, all clusters have a railway connection, and all clusters are accessible by highway.

The integrated chemical sites in Portugal as presented on this website cover a total area of approximately 2400 hectare of which 590 hectare is currently available for new development.

Please use the map above to explore the chemical parks in Portugal in more detail, or browse to our map of Europe to extend your search to chemical clusters in other European countries.


Small national government at the opening ceremony 1502612994
6 July 2017

Fresenius Kabi expands production site in Portugal

A new 6,000-square-meter (almost 65,000-square-foot) building was erected to house the two lines, which will be used to produce penicillin for intravenous administration. About 80 new jobs are being created at the Santiago de Besteiros plant by the expansion. The total investment is about €17 million.

Small repsol 1482324436
19 December 2016

Repsol completed on the 19th December, 2016 a 30 million euros investment in ZILS Global Parques - Sines Industrial and Logistic Zone

The launching of the Fuel Storage Park in Sines took place on the 19th December 2016 and the development of the project fully complied with the planned program - on time, on budget and without accidents.