34, Boulevard de Boisguilbert
B.P. 4075 - 76022 ROUEN Cedex 3

Present at parks

Port Jérôme

Lillebonne, Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Normandie, France
Present as Owner, Full member

Port of Le Havre

Le Have, Port-Jérôme, Normandy, France
Total area: 10000.0ha
Free: 100.0ha
Present as Owner, Full member



Haropa is the association of three ports all along the Seine: This is one of the largest port and industrial zones in Europe (for oil & containers traffic) providing thousands of hectares of industrial sites with highly developed transport network: road, rail, sea, river and pipelines. Ongoing industrial investments from world-sized companies; dense network of subcontractors, with reliable and qualified services; high degree of chemical training. Energy widely available with 3 existing power plants (2 nuclear and 1 thermal); 1 LPG terminal and 2 additional coal plants in project.

1 deep sea Port : Le Havre Port
1 inland port : Rouen Port
1 river Port : Ports of Paris

Core Sectors / Industries 

It concentrates a big chemical activity. Indeed Haropa represents :
43% of the French refinery capacity
80% of the French production of additives and base oils. - Haropa is also known as the Lubricant Valley
30% of the French production of biofuels
35% of the French production of fertilizers
13% of the European styrene production capacity
30% of the French production of ethylene
50 % of the French production of plastics and elastomers

HAROPA results 2017

via this link a clip of 2 minutes with the HAROPA results for 2017