Dormagen, North Rhine-Westphalia
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About Chempark Dormagen

Around 2,000 different chemical products are manufactured by a total workforce of 9,700 at CHEMPARK Dormagen, making it a site of some stature. Production activities at the largest CHEMPARK site focus on the development and manufacture of crop protection products, polymers, plastics and rubber.

CHEMPARK Dormagen is one of the main providers of employment and training in the Rhineland district of Neuss. Around 150 young people start training here each year. They can choose from 17 different professions. In addition to the development and manufacture of crop protection products, other key activities include the production of polymers, plastics, rubber, isocyanates and organic intermediates.

The CHEMAPARK sets standards throughout Europe with its research and development center for polyurethanes. Environmental protection considerations play a key role in all processes. Over the past few years, emissions have been cut by over four-fifths despite rising production levels.

The transport links to and from this Chemical site could not be better – 360 hectares in size, CHEMPARK Dormagen borders on the Rhine to the east and the A57 freeway to the west. There is also a direct rail link to the central stations of Düsseldorf and Cologne, from where there is easy access to both Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf airports. New CHEMAPRK tenants at Dormagen normally find fully networked plots awaiting them.

The proximity to the cultural centers of Cologne and Düsseldorf and the wide variety of leisure and recreational activities along the Rhine make the Dormagen site an attractive location for both work and play.


Total 360.0 hectare
Free 25.0 hectare

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes A57
Railway yes Railway stations at the site
Waterway yes Own Rhine harbor.
Sea harbor no


At CHEMPARK Dormagen, partner companies have access to around 2,000 different substances and products, including:

  •     Insecticides, herbicides, fungicides
  •     Plastics
  •     Polyurethane and coating raw materials
  •     Rubber
  •     Fibers
  •     Dental products
  •     Petrochemicals, C 1 – C 6
  •     Synthesis gas products


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In addition, we advise and support our customers with regard to the construction and operation of disposal installations, the collection and recovery of recyclable materials, environmental audits, logistical issues and all areas relating to the safe disposal of hazardous chemical waste. We provide our services at the CHEMPARK sites, but also make them available to the chemical, steel, automotive and electronics industries on the national and international market

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