Leuna, Saksen-Anhalt
Total area

About Leuna Chemical Complex

InfraLeuna GmbH and its affiliated companies are the owners and operators of the infrastructure at the Leuna Chemical Complex. InfraLeuna works on a low profit principle. The shares in the company are owned by several companies located on-site.
InfraLeuna GmbH operates and develops Germany's largest closed chemical site. The infrastructure and service concept, significant for the Leuna Chemical Complex, allows the investor to concentrate on its core competencies and enables suitable conditions for further expansions.
Furthermore, InfraLeuna is also a site developer. Modern site management, marketing, assistance with location, and support with investment grant applications, are areas in which we have significant experience and expertise. Our acquired know-how, experience and a team of qualified and motivated employees have already convinced large international chemical groups to locate in Leuna.

Some Aera notes on the Leuna Chemical Complex

  • In the center of established West European markets and developing East European markets
  • A ready-to-build plot of land in a developed industrial area
  • Complex regional and internal material network with synergy potential
  • An infrastructure which meets requirements and cost efficiency reliability demand
  • Inexpensive service providers
  •  High levels of investment promotion
  • Special depreciation allowance
  •  Job promotions and tax relief
  • Support with contacts to authorities
  • Abundant pool of qualified personnel
  • Scientific potential from nearby universities and technical colleges
  • Acceptance of the chemical industry in the neighboring community


Total 1300.0 hectare
Free 40.0 hectare

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes A modern 40 kilometers long road network
Railway yes Direct connection to the national rail network
Waterway yes
Sea harbor no


  •  Acrylates  
  •  Air  
  •  Ammonia  
  •  Benzene  
  •  Bisphenol A  
  •  Calcium oxide  
  •  Chlorine  
  •  Crude oil  
  •  Demineralized water  
  •  Dicyclopentadiene  
  •  Ethylene  
  •  Ethylene oxide  
  •  Fatty acid  
  •  Formaldehyde  
  •  Glycerin 
  •  Natural gas  
  •  Paraffins  
  •  Phosphorus trichloride  
  •  Plant oils  
  •  Polyamines  
  •  Salt  
  •  Styrene  
  •  Sulfur  
  •  Sulfur dioxide  
  •  Titanium dioxide  
  •  Various alcohols and solvents  
  •  Various organic raw materials  
  •  Vinyl acetate  
  •  Wood 


Main Sales Products 

  •  Acetone 
  •  Acetylene 
  •  Alkane sulfonate 
  •  Acrylic gels 
  •  Ammonium sulfate 
  •  Ammonium sulfide 
  •  Axilat 
  •  Basic epoxy resins 
  •  Bio-monoethylene glycol 
  •  Bio-monopropylene glycol 
  •  Bitumen
  •  Caprolactam 
  •  Carbon dioxide 
  •  Catalysts 
  •  Cyclohexanone 
  •  Cycloolefin copolymers 
  •  Diesel/Heating oil 
  •  Dimethyl formamide 
  •  DOW Low Density Polyethylene 
  •  Emulsifier E 30 
  •  Epichlorohydrin 
  •  Epilox® 
  •  Epoxy resins hardener 
  •  Flexaren®/CFI 
  •  Fatty acid chloride 
  •  Fine and special chemicals 
  •  Flame protection agents 
  •  Fuel 
  •  Glycid ether 
  •  Hydrogen 
  •  Hydrogen peroxide 
  •  Hydrogen sulfide 
  •  Hydroxyl ammonium sulfate 
  •  Inert gases 
  •  L-resin 
  •  Latices (Axilat) 
  •  Leuna-Mersol® 
  •  Leunapon® 
  •  Metaupon® 
  •  Methanol 
  •  Methylamines 
  •  Methylamine derivatives 
  •  N-Methyltaurine 
  •  Na-Isethionate 
  •  Natural fatty alcohols 
  •  Naphtha 
  •  Nitrogen 
  •  Norbornene 
  •  Opacity pigments 
  •  Oxygen 
  •  PA 6 granulate 
  •  Phenol 
  •  p-hydroxy-benzoic acid 
  •  Renewable functional fillers 
  •  Sodium hydrogen sulfide 
  •  Special gases 
  •  Sulfur 
  •  Sulfuric acid/Oleum 
  •  Viscowax® 


Pipelines supply Leuna with crude oil from fields in Russia. The site’s natural gas grid is  connected to the ONTRAS transmission network via two points, thus offering a high level of  supply reliability.

Power stations from InfraLeuna supply the power networks operated by InfraLeuna with  steam and electric energy of varying pressure stages and voltage levels.  

A modern 40 kilometers long road network, 90 kilometers of internal tracks and 600  kilometers of pipelines which connect the companies which have settled here guarantee fast  movements within the chemical area. 

The infrastructure and service concept provides chemical companies with numerous  advantages due to the concentration on main tasks, thus reducing costs. The pronounced  industrial service structure provides a service which is highly efficient and inexpensive. 


InfraLeuna is responsible for the supply and disposal of water.

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