Tarragona, Catalunya
Total area

About Chemmed Cluster Tarragona

Tarragona houses the largest chemical hub in southern Europe with annual production of 20 million tons. The Port of Tarragona plays a key role in the competitiveness of this hub. It is one of the deepest ports in the Mediterranean and a major logistics platform for Catalonia with a total annual through put in excess of 31 million tons, 19 million tons of which are petrochemicals.

Chemical cluster in Tarragona consists of the south and north poles, which are linked to the nearby port via road and pipeline. The main raw material –crude oil and natural gas- are all imported. Natural gas is imported in the form of LNG and then processed in several gasification facilities along the coast around Barcelona and Cartagena. Natural gas is also provided via the Trans Pyrenean pipeline link Calahorra from Lacq in France, and from the Maghreb-Europe Gas pipeline from Argelia to Spain. Crude oil is provided by ship from various sources to several terminals. The Tarragona cluster is linked to the Spanish natural gas distribution network.

Number of jobs

36.000 direct jobs in the port of which are about 10.000 direct jobs in the chemical cluster

Knowledge and research

  • Rovira i Virgili University, declared a Campus of International Excellence
  • An institution with 14,000 students and 1,400 researchers
  • Pioneering institutes in Spain in joint vocational education
  • Catalan Chemical Research Institute (ICIQ), among the top three in the world
  • A chemical technology centre (CTQ) undertaking R&D+i projects
  • Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia


Total 1200.0 hectare
Free 350.0 hectare

Free area available on South and North site of the chemical cluster

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes direct connection to an extensive road network The Chemical cluster is about 8 km from Tarragona-Reus Airport and 80 km of Barcelona Airport
Railway yes Rail connection to all docks
Waterway yes
Sea harbor yes Port with one of the greatest water depths in the Mediterranean: max. 21.5 metres Crude Supply: Marine Terminal Repsol, offers five quays for unloading ships up to 100,000 tons. In addition, the terminal has a monobuoy located 3 km.from the coast where supertankers can offload their cargoes


Many substances, too many to list, are produced within the Chemmed Cluster, these substances fall into the following categories 

  • monomers
  • cracking products
  • inorganic products
  • chlorinated products
  • industrial gasses
  • polymers (plastics, composits)
  • final products
  • specialties
  • intermediates
  • crop protection formulations


Fire station

3 Common Firefighter Stations


Via external Pipeline:
Natural gas

Via Ships:
Crude oil, natural gas, LPG, etc.

Via Road/ Rail:
Organic, inorganic and intermediate products

Pipeline grid (Rack Dixquimics):

  • Common Rack for the cluster's north and south side with 62 Pipes
  • Direct connection between private companies and the port
  • 24/7 surveillance and monitoring
  • 62 transport lines, which can be expanded in accordance with demand
  • The Repsol rack connects the port, the southern industrial park and the northern industrial park
  • Monobuoy pipeline 3km off coast for supertankers


The ChemMed Cluster has 2 combined cycles power plants and 8 cogeneration plants


Effluent Management:

Water recycling plant, with a capacity of 19 Hm3/year
The plant also produces demineralized water of 0.2 μs 

Waste management

IGEST.RES hydrocarbon recycling plant with a treatment capacity of 15,000 tons per year and industrial water treatment with a production cap of 25,000 tons per year.


Repsol refinery

Capacity: 186,000 bpd

Hydrocracker capacity: 702,000 kt Ethylene


Capacity: 28,000 bpd

Dow Chemical Ethylene cracker

Capacity: 650,000 t/y Ethylene


Dry bulk

BERTSCHI intermodal dry bulk logistics

Liquid bulk

The following Liquid bulk companies are located on the Chemmed Cluster TEPSA, VOPAK TERQUIMSA and EUROENERGO

Investments on this park

Pipeline grid availability

Companies on this park