2 Integrated chemical clusters

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Name Area (ha) Free (ha) City Country
AEQT - Tarragona Chemical Cluster 442.0 Tarragona Spain
Huelva 1700.0 760.0 Huelva & Palos de la Frontera Spain

About the Spanish chemical industry

The Spanish chemical industry provides integrated parks with pipeline grids for a whole range of chemical substances including Ammonia, Crude oil, Hydrochloric acid, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Natural gas, Sodium hydroxide and Sulfuric Acid.

All clusters are located next to a sea harbor, all clusters have a railway connection, all clusters are accessible by highway, and all clusters can be accessed via a waterway.

The integrated chemical sites in Spain as presented on this website cover a total area of approximately 1700 hectare of which 1200 hectare is currently available for new development.

Please use the map above to explore the chemical parks in Spain in more detail, or browse to our map of Europe to extend your search to chemical clusters in other European countries.


Small two covestro employees inspect a demonstration plant during a planned downtime 1529515980
19 June 2018

Covestro builds first large plant based on oxygen-depolarized cathode technology inTarragona

Covestro builds first large plant based on oxygen-depolarized cathode technology. The company is currently investing around EUR 200 million at Tarragona to increase the site’s competitiveness. The new chlorine production plant is a key component of that.

Small vila seca i 1528879835
11 June 2018

Ercros will undertake a third expansion of the chlorine production plant in Vila-seca I

Ercros undertakes a new expansion of the capacity of the chlorine and caustic soda production plant in the Vila-seca I factory that will optimize the use of existing equipment and facilities associated with membrane technology.

Small san roque chemical plant 1524233334
9 April 2018

Cepsa to install Detal technology at its San Roque chemical plant Spain and expand capacity by 25%

Company will implement a technological overhaul at the Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant with a €100 million investment. This project reaffirms Cepsa’s position as global leader in LAB, with its capacity of 650 kt in 2020. LAB is used to produce biodegradable detergents. The company has specialized production plants in Spain, Canada and Brazil