United Kingdom

4 Integrated chemical clusters

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About the British chemical industry

The British chemical industry provides integrated parks with pipeline grids for a whole range of chemical substances including Acetic acid, Ethylene, Ethylene oxide, Hydrogen, Methanol, Naphta Petroleum, Natural gas, Nitrobenzene, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Steam and Terephthalic Acid.

Two out of the four clusters are located near a sea harbour, two have a railway connection, three are accessible by highway, and two can be accessed via a waterway.

The integrated chemical sites in United Kingdom as presented on this website cover a total area of approximately 200 hectare.

Please use the map above to explore the chemical parks in United Kingdom in more detail, or browse to our map of Europe to extend your search to chemical clusters in other European countries.


Small victrex new polymer innovation center 1510138056
7 November 2017

Victrex: $13 million world class facility opens in UK to help accelerate innovation trend

New “Polymer Innovation Center” now operational for pilot-plant scale manufacturing of new PAEK polymers. A milestone in Victrex´s ongoing and intensive program of pioneering research and development

Small production plant perstorp  1506001515
31 August 2017

Perstorp shows commitment to Caprolactone market by upgrading Capa™ plant in Warrington, UK

Perstorp is securing the future of its Caprolactone business through a significant investment to upgrade its original monomer plant in Warrington, UK

Small ineos dragonship 1497794916
12 June 2017

INEOS Plans Massive European Expansion Programme

INEOS is looking at sites across Europe including Antwerp in Belgium for its new world scale 750,000 tonne PDH plant. INEOS is planning to increase the capacity of its crackers at Grangemouth in Scotland and Rafnes in Norway to over 1 million tonnes each. With these cracker expansions, INEOS will have added up to 900,000 tonnes of ethylene to its overall production capacity “These are three major new projects”, says Jim Ratcliffe, founder and chairman of INEOS. “Collectively, it’s the equivalent of building a new world scale cracker in Europe”.