3 Integrated chemical clusters

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Name Area (ha) Free (ha) City Country
INEOS Antwerp site Antwerp Belgium
Port Of Antwerp 1000.0 Antwerp Belgium
Tessenderloo Tessenderloo Belgium

About the Belgian chemical industry

The Belgian chemical industry provides integrated parks with pipeline grids for a whole range of chemical substances including Ethylene, Hydrogen, Naphta Petroleum, Natural gas, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Propylene and Steam.

Two out of the three clusters are located near a sea harbour, all clusters have a railway connection, all clusters are accessible by highway, and two can be accessed via a waterway.

The integrated chemical sites in Belgium as presented on this website cover a total area of approximately 0 hectare of which 1000 hectare is currently available for new development.

Please use the map above to explore the chemical parks in Belgium in more detail, or browse to our map of Europe to extend your search to chemical clusters in other European countries.


Small air liquide plant  1524233917
17 April 2018

Antwerp: Air Liquide signs a new long-term contract with Covestro and invests 80 million euro in Hydrogen production

Air Liquide will invest 80 million euros in the construction of a "new generation" hydrogen production unit. This state-of-the-art plant will be fitted with a new Air Liquide proprietary technology that improves energy efficiency and the overall environmental footprint of the production process.

Small ineos stock photo 1524230916
23 March 2018

INEOS announces progress on VAM project in Europe

A MOU has been signed with an as yet unnamed commercial partner and FEED studies have commenced.

Small kaneka belgium 1519294171
25 January 2018

Kaneka boosts production capacity of polyolefin particle foam in Belgium

Kaneka has made a strategic decision to expand its production facilities for expanded polyolefin particle foam products, at Kaneka Belgium N.V. in response to strong demand in Europe especially for automotive application. The investment of approximately JPY 2 billion will increase the production capacity by about 50 percent, the operation is started in the spring in 2019.