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Strážske Chemko Slovakia

About the Slovak chemical industry

This page provides information on he Slovak chemical industry and its integrated parks.

The integrated chemical sites in Slovakia as presented on this website cover a total area of approximately 0 hectare.

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8 September 2015

Slovnaft completes installation of technology in new production plant - LDPE4

More than EUR 300 million have been invested by Slovnaft in the new production unit and its components Low density polyethylene production capacity will reach 220,000 tons per annum. The contractor was a Maire Tecnimont Group, Italy. After successful technology testing, start-up and guarantee testing, commercial production will start in early 2016.

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6 October 2014

ENERGOCHEMICA SE, Biochemtex and Beta Renewables construct a 2nd Generation Ethanol plant in the Slovak Republic

The plant to be built in Strazske, Slovak Republic, will deliver 55,000 metric tons per year of cost-competitive cellulosic ethanol while using non-food biomass as its feedstock.

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23 September 2014

ENERGOCHEMICA SE group invest in membrane electrolysis facility in Strážske (Eastern Slovakia)

The ENERGOCHEMICA SE group has announced plans to invest tens of millions of euros in Eastern Slovakia. The group wants to construct a modern membrane electrolysis facility at the industrial site of the chemical factory in Strážske by 2017.