Krefeld-Uerdingen, North Rhine-Westphalia
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About Chempark Krefeld-Uerdingen

Benefit from the best. The Krefeld-Uerdingen CHEMPARK site has established itself as a leading location for polycarbonates and polyamides in Western Europe. At 260 hectares, it is also the world’s largest production site for inorganic pigments.
One of the Krefeld-Uerdingen site's best-known chemical products is the polycarbonate Makrolon®, one of whose many uses is as a substrate for DVD and CD production. In addition, the roughly 7,000 employees of the various CHEMAPRK tenants manufacture polyurethanes, polyamides, Durethan®, adipic acid and coatings, white and colored pigments and intermediate products for crop protection products, odorants and flavorings. Companies at the site benefit from cutting-edge technical facilities, an excellent infrastructure and a wide range of services.

The CHEMPARK is also one of the largest providers of training in the region. At CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen, school leavers can choose from a dozen different scientific, technical and commercial training courses. Students and graduates of chemistry and engineering can acquire in-depth specialist knowledge by taking courses at the ultramodern technical training center that involve both training and study. The focus is on combining theory and practice to provide highly qualified new recruits. Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences is also located in Krefeld. The chemical faculty provides one of the most comprehensive choices of specializations in Germany – for both bachelors and masters degrees.

It goes without saying that we combine economic success with responsible care. We optimize our processes with the aim of making them as safe as possible, saving on natural resources and minimizing the impact on the environment. As a result, our tenants’ state-of-the-art production complies with all the legal requirements.


Total 260.0 hectare
Free 40.0 hectare


Waterway :  own Rhine harbour
Railway:  Railway stations at the site
Highway:   A57, A40, A52

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes
Railway yes
Waterway yes
Sea harbor no


At CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen, partner companies have access to a wide range of substances and products. These include:

  • Polyurethane and coating materials
  • Plastics (PC, Durethan)
  • Rubber chemicals
  • Basic and fine chemicals
  • Intermediate products for fragrances and crop protection active ingredients, inorganic pigments (iron oxide, titanium oxide)


Flexible, demand-based and modular – CURRENTA’s service portfolio covers the core areas of utilities, waste management and safety and security. It is geared specifically to our customers’ individual requirements. You can choose from a number of basic services – our utility supply service, for example – or take advantage of a variety of different service packages that cover everything from laboratory and analytical services to assistance with planning production facilities or training for your staff. In addition, customers benefit from our expert advice on environmental protection, licensing law and the safe disposal of hazardous chemical waste. If necessary, we can also enlist the help of other service providers such as the logistics and technology experts at our subsidiaries Chemion and Tectrion.

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Environmental Services by Currenta: The safe, cost-effective disposal of chemical waste not only helps a company create value added but also fosters its good reputation. With its state-of-the-art disposal plants, efficient plant and landfill networks, CURRENTA’s Environment Business Unit consistently complies with the statutory requirements made of the chemical industry: we treat biodegradable wastewater, incinerate and landfill hazardous waste and clean containers.

In addition, we advise and support our customers with regard to the construction and operation of disposal installations, the collection and recovery of recyclable materials, environmental audits, logistical issues and all areas relating to the safe disposal of hazardous chemical waste. We provide our services at the CHEMPARK sites, but also make them available to the chemical, steel, automotive and electronics industries on the national and international market

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