Frankfurt-Höchst , Hessen
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About Industriepark Höchst

Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park: A licensed, fully developed site for researching, developing and producing chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related products.

Plus, resident companies benefit from the central location, close proximity to Frankfurt Airport, excellent highway links, railroad connections, and the harbor facility.

At the site Infraserv Höchst provides all services from A-Z: from standard site services – people, environment, rental buildings, plant and infrastructure- to supplying electricity, natural gas, cooling heat and water.
From raw material and utilities supplies to waste and wastewater disposal, end to end logistics to communication networks the Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park has everything production and research companies need.

Sites need to be safe: In terms of environment, regulatory requirements and emergency and health management, we manage these services for you.

Incoming tenants can choose from a wide variety of properties: From development areas and fully equipped laboratory spaces to buildings that can be outfitted for specific research or production purposes. Infraserv Höchst supports your project fast-track with area identification, contract negotiations, planning, finishing and permit management.

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Total 460.0 hectare
Free 50.0 hectare

See map for greenfield options

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes
Railway yes Rail service to Rotterdam 3 times a week
Waterway yes
Sea harbor no


  • Base Chemicals (examples Carbonic acids,alcohols, chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons)
  • Specialty & Fine Chemicals, Pigments (aromatic compounds, dimethyl sulfate, ketene, crotonaldehyde)
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnological products
  • Polymers & Performance Materials
  • Biofuels



The safe, efficient and environmentally responsible use of heat, natural gas, water and other media adds to the competitiveness and success of a company. Other key aspect: the utilities needed in production must be provided in a high-availability, high-quality supply.


Top products

  • Electricity
  • Steam (120, 16, 4 bar)
  • Various grades of water
  • Industrial gases
  • Various cooling media

Waste Management

We can handle solid, liquid, gaseous and hazard waste. Our integrated waste management system represents a solution for disposing of waste safely and efficiently.

Energy Management 

We offer the customer a flexible range of commodity strategies (electricity, natural gas) to create your perfect sourcing solution (spot, fix price, customized)
Permit Management:  We support the entire permitting process: from the conceptual design to the application to the final permit.


Provadis an Infraserv subsidiary works with you to develop innovative trainee programs designed specifically to help your company attract and train tomorrow's skilled workers today. We will recruit college graduates for you and turn them into specialists with leadership skills – without adding to your headcount.


Infraserv Logistics GmbH as a lead logistic provider always has the right solutions for hazardous substances, dangerous goods and GMP requirements. We provide a cargo link between the Rhine-Main Region and the Rotterdam port Through Contargo GmbH. The service offers freight rail service between Industriepark Höchst and the Dutch port city of Rotterdam three times a week.
Freight forwarders can transport from Frankfurt to Rotterdam in ten hours. Contargo GmbH can accept up to 1,400 tons of cargo capacity per train.


On-site experts - several maintenance and construction companies –manage process systems and plants throughout their life cycle – assembling, modifying and expanding them in special projects and devise cost-effective solutions that help clients implement their maintenance strategy.

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