Stroofstrasse 27
65933 Frankfurt


WeylChem Group of Companies (WCGC) is the fine chemicals platform of International Chemicals Investors Group. With nine companies in Europe and North America, WeylChem employs more than 1,380 people. The Group is a global leader in Custom Manufacturing of Specialty Chemicals and supplies its customers with a wide range of advanced intermediates and reagents for diverse applications.

WeylChem Group of Companies is offering you a wide and unique essential chemicals product range: The product line includes monomers, custom synthesis, and building blocks. 

  • The Sulfur products & Derivatives at WeylChem Lamotte
  • Potassium Derivatives at Potasse et Produits Chimiques SAS (PPC) , marketed by Vynova International
  • Allessa is a major European custom and toll manufacturer of fine chemicals as well as supplier of functional polymers within the WeylChem Group of Companies. Additionally, Allessa offers its own range of fine chemicals and unique performance products as well as a broad variety of technologies and complex synthetic capabilities. Also, the Frankfurt based company can support projects throughout the lifecycle – from pilot quantities to large commercial volumes.
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