Huerth/Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen
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About Chemiepark Knapsack

The Chemiepark Knapsack near Cologne in Germany offers companies a scale-up platform and access to know-how for chemical production and integration into existing value chains. The innovative capacity of the Chemiepark Knapsack, solid infrastructure, plug&play services, as well as less bureaucracy and red tape all offer huge benefits for your company to commercialize your product.

YNCORIS is the owner and operator of the Chemiepark Knapsack and places particular emphasis on the engineering of individual plants - from process development and conceptual design to basic and detailed engineering, regardless of whether we just carry out sub-services or take over the general planning for every stage. YNCORIS does not supply one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we adopt a flexible approach and gear ourselves towards the specific requirements of the current project stage - step-by-step. Thanks to a broad range of diverse engineering fields and an extensive selection of methods, we can guarantee the very highest degree of flexibility with regard to content.


Total 180.0 hectare
Free 22.0 hectare

One 16ha connected plot available

Two single 2ha plots available

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes Interstate junction without trespassing any village Knapsack A1/A61 and A4
Railway yes Connected to the container terminals of Köln-Eifeltor and Köln-Niehl inland port
Waterway yes Connected to the deap sea ports Antwerp/Rotterdam via Rhine ports: Köln-Niehl and Köln-Godorf
Sea harbor no


Plant protection products

Fungicide, Herbicide, Pesticide, Safener

Specialty chemicals

Monochloracetic acid, Flame retardants, Phosphorous products, Runway deicer

Energy production

Electric power, Steam


Chlorine, Caustic soda, Hydrogen, 1,2-dichlorethan, Vinylchloride, Phosphor-pentasulfide


Polypropylene, PP-compounds, Polyvinylchloride

New materials

High temperature superconducter


Full Service “Plug&Play“:

  • Logistics
  • Health, safety, and environmental management
  • Energy supply (electricity, natural gas, steam, compressed air, industrial gases, water)
  • Energy management
  • Waste management
  • Industrial maintenance & construction
  • Analytical services
  • Engineering & Contracting
  • Information technology
  • Personnel management

Waste management

2 industrial waste water plants 


YNCORIS takes over the operation of supply and waste disposal systems for its customers to make sure that precisely the input they need to succeed is always available.

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