The Netherlands

6 Integrated chemical clusters

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Name Area (ha) Free (ha) City Country
Chemelot 50.0 Geleen The Netherlands
Chemical Cluster Delfzijl 1469.0 435.0 Delfzijl The Netherlands
EMMTEC Industry & Business Park 1000.0 25.0 Emmen The Netherlands
Port of Amsterdam 1200.0 300.0 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Port of Rotterdam 300.0 Rotterdam The Netherlands
Valuepark Terneuzen 80.0 Terneuzen The Netherlands

About the Dutch chemical industry

The Dutch chemical industry provides integrated parks with pipeline grids for a whole range of chemical substances including Acetic acid, Acetylene, Chlorine, Ethylene, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen, Methanol, Naphta Petroleum, Natural gas, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Propylene and Steam.

Four out of the six clusters are located near a sea harbour, all clusters have a railway connection, all clusters are accessible by highway, and five can be accessed via a waterway.

The integrated chemical sites in The Netherlands as presented on this website cover a total area of approximately 3700 hectare of which 1190 hectare is currently available for new development.

Please use the map above to explore the chemical parks in The Netherlands in more detail, or browse to our map of Europe to extend your search to chemical clusters in other European countries.


Small oci chemelot 1513254380
1 December 2017

Biogas plant to provide sustainable production at Chemelot

OCI Nitrogen has teamed up with Re-N Technology to develop a large-scale biogas plant on the Chemelot industrial site. The plant is set to make a major contribution to solving the problem of surplus manure in the Netherlands. At the same time, it will make OCI Nitrogen's production process more sustainable.

Small dsm geleen 1513330527
27 November 2017

DSM to expand capacity of high performance plastics

Royal DSM announced it is in the process of expanding the capacity of its specialty polymers plants in Emmen and Geleen, the Netherlands. DSM is responding to strong customer demand in high temperature polyamides (PAs) and thermoplastic copolyesters (TPC) with this expansion.

Small kemira head office 1513096202
25 October 2017

Kemira to invest approximately EUR 30 million in polymer technology for Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery

Kemira to invest approximately EUR 30 million in polymer technology for Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery