Rotterdam, Zuid Holland
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About Port of Rotterdam

Rotterdam has been one of the world’s major centers for oil and chemicals for some decades now. Its strategic location and unrivalled access to markets all over Europe have led to the establishment of a modern and diverse cluster of oil and chemical activities. The most prominent companies in the field of liquid bulk have set up operations in Rotterdam. There are 4 world-scale oil refineries, more than 40 (petro)chemical companies, 3 industrial gas producers and 13 major tank storage and distribution companies in the port area.

All of these companies are interconnected via a network of pipelines that in total covers more than 1,500 kilometers. Through this network, liquid bulk can quickly, safely and environment-friendly be moved to destinations in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands itself.

The reasons why so many companies active in this field have opted for Rotterdam are obvious. Rotterdam offers:

  • Unrivalled facilities in the fields of logistics and transport;
  • A full range of chemical feedstock;
  • A high degree of operational integration between the various chemical plants and tank storage terminals.


Total n.a.
Free 300.0 hectare

In September 2008 Port of Rotterdam began the construction of Maasvlakte 2. The second reclamation of land from the sea. The delivery of the second Maasvlakte in 2013 will lead to a 300 ha. increase of the available area for the chemical industry, this will be sufficient for the industry to grow into the next decades.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes
Railway yes
Waterway yes
Sea harbor yes


A wide range of oil and chemical products is produced in the Port of Rotterdam. The main chemical product clusters are:

  • olefins cluster
  • aromatics cluster
  • polyurethane cluster
  • polyester cluster
  • chlorine cluster


Natural strategic location

  • deepsea / intercontinental
  • shortsea / feeder
  • direct access (no locks)
  • no draft restrictions


  • internal logistics network
  • hinterland connections by barge, road, rail and pipe
  • transhipment / intermodality
  • Rotterdam Airport (15 min.), Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (45 min)

Access to home and export markets

  • Proximity / ease of access to hinterland
  • Liner / feeder services to rest of world
  • Strong interaction between chemical plants in the area via pipe line connections
  • Variety of Logistic Service Providers


Rotterdam is able to provide locally every conceivable chemical raw material and feedstock needed for chemical production operations. Direct from the local oil refining and chemical manufacturing companies themselves or via one of the many third-party oil and chemical tank storage terminals. Continuity of supply is assured.


All necessary utilities for chemical manufacture are readily and competitively available in Rotterdam.

Main utility providers are:

  • Electricity:
    • Eneco
    • E.ON
    • Intergen
    • Electrabel
    • Eurogen
    • Enecal
    • Essent
    • Nuon
    • Various other co-generation units
  • Steam
    • E.ON
    • Eurogen
    • Enecal
    • Electrabel
    • AVR
    • Various other co-generation units
  • Natural Gas: from the grid
  • Water (various qualities)
    • Evides
    • AVR
  • Industrial gases
    • Air Products
    • Air Liquide
    • Linde

Often one or more of these utility providers is prepared to invest in a new purpose-built Utility Centre or Park on behalf of a new chemical investor.


Storage, warehousing and distribution activities are an essential part of the Rotterdam Oil and Chemical Cluster. While many producers operate their own tank storage facilities on their manufacturing sites, the main contribution in this field is made by “non-tied?? logistical service providers operating third party tank storage facilities at a range of locations throughout the Rotterdam port area.

Total tank storage capacity in Rotterdam today for all types of bulk liquids exceeds 30 million m3. Products handled include crude oil, mineral oil products like gasoline, diesel, kerosene and naphtha, all types of bulk liquid chemicals, and edible oils and fats. The main third-party logistical service providers in bulk liquids in Rotterdam are:

  • Argos oil
  • Vopak terminals
  • Odfjell terminal
  • Rubis terminal
  • Service terminal Rotterdam
  • Tankinstallatie Chemiehaven
  • Chemtrade terminal
  • De Rijke terminal
  • Euro Tank Terminal
  • Lyondell Europoort terminal

Warehousing and storage services for packed chemical goods are available for both hazardous and non-hazardous product groups.

The main service providers for hazardous goods are (not limited):

  • Storeship
  • Vopak Logistic Services
  • LBC
  • De Rijke
  • Baris Group
  • Steinweg

There are many service providers in Rotterdam that handle non-hazardous goods. Most of them are based in the logistics centres in the port area, for example at the Distriparks.

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