Natural gas

CAS Registry Number: 8006-14-2

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Small air liquide plant  1524233917
17 April 2018

Antwerp: Air Liquide signs a new long-term contract with Covestro and invests 80 million euro in Hydrogen production

Air Liquide will invest 80 million euros in the construction of a "new generation" hydrogen production unit. This state-of-the-art plant will be fitted with a new Air Liquide proprietary technology that improves energy efficiency and the overall environmental footprint of the production process.

Small oci chemelot 1513254380
1 December 2017

Biogas plant to provide sustainable production at Chemelot

OCI Nitrogen has teamed up with Re-N Technology to develop a large-scale biogas plant on the Chemelot industrial site. The plant is set to make a major contribution to solving the problem of surplus manure in the Netherlands. At the same time, it will make OCI Nitrogen's production process more sustainable.

Small future biomethanation pilot   demonstration plant 1513092066
27 October 2017

Caloric builds pilot & demonstration plant for electrochaea’s innovative biomethanation process

CALORIC has won the international tender for engineering and construction of a biomethanation pilot & demonstration plant in Solothurn, Switzerland. For the methanation of carbon dioxide and hydrogen, microorganisms are used as biocatalyst.

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