Tarragona - BASF opened a new, fifth, fungicide production line in the agrochemicals formulation plant at its site in Tarragona, Spain. The expansion involved a €21 million investment and it will increase the onsite fungicide production by up to 25%, compared to its current yield thanks to the new line.

There will be more than 60 different formulations manufactured in the new plant, the majority of which are packaged, labelled, and exported to different markets worldwide. The fungicide products will be used to protect crops, such as cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Based on modern and highly efficient active ingredients, the products will further ensure that farmers get maximum reliability in disease control and therefore promote sustainable agriculture with high-yielding crops.

“We are excited about this expansion as the site in Tarragona is an important pillar of our business growth strategy. We already formulate a number of fungicides at the location and now have the opportunity to use the facility for upcoming products. Such investments ensure that we can keep supporting farmers to achieve disease-free and healthy crops, optimizing their yields and the quality of the harvest”, highlighted Andreas Huber, Vice President of Regional Operations & Supply Chain Management for Crop Protection

“This investment is the most significant of the last decade at the Tarragona site. It becomes BASF’s third largest formulation plant in the world - after those in Brazil and North America - and the largest in Europe”, said Carles Navarro, Vice President Managing Director Country Cluster Head Iberia.

Anne Berg, Vice President Site Manager Tarragona and Head of Manufacturing Community Iberia explained: “The expansion allows us to increase production volume, in order to better meet the demand of a very volatile market, such as that of fungicides”.

30 jobs have been created in the new plant.





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