Hendrik van der Ploeg

Director EMMTEC services b.v.


Emmen, Drenthe
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About emmtec Industry & Businesspark

emmtec Industry & Businesspark, as part of Chemical Cluster Emmen, is dedicated to manufacturing and chemical enterprises with production processes up to environmental category 6 - heavy industry.

The site has excellent facilities for companies active in the fibers, polymers and composites markets and is the largest of its kind in NW Europe. New developments towards biobased chemicals find a favorable home at site supported by its location in the Chemport Europe region.

For starting or expanding companies emmtec Industry & Businesspark is the perfect location. Of course the necessary integrated utility infrastructure including industrial waste water treatment, buildings and land is available. Key differentiators are however that we can facilitate companies from the early start of a product idea through pilot plant phase up to full production scale. Several laboratories at site and in the direct vicinity, close cooperation with education and research institutes (Stenden PRE, Green PAC, University Groningen, Wageningen), laboratory, engineering and logistic services at site as well as a very supportive political environment provide for attractive settlement conditions. At site students from universities are educated in special business focused research facilities (StendenLab – Real World Learning).

The emmtec Industry & Businesspark and its adjacent area Emmtec zuid offers large plots for industrial use. The plots can be bought by our customers. Buildings can be rented or bought by interested parties. The site has excellent road (no traffic jams!) and rail connections to key NW European international harbors (Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp). Integrated international rail/road infrastructure is available at nearby DRYPORT Coevorden/Emmen. All major customer and industrial regions in NW Europe are within a day’s driving distance.

We will be delighted to present you the benefits of our industry park. Please do not hesitate to contact us or look at, and


Total 1000.0 hectare
Free 25.0 hectare


The emmtec Industry & Businesspark is part of Chemical Cluster Emmen and located in the Chemport Europe region where the economic clusters agribusiness, chemicals and energy are highly developed and integrated. The park and its surroundings have an excellent infrastructure to grow and process different biomass feedstock to chemical feedstock materials.

The site utility production and infrastructure is optimized and integrated to service our customers with the lowest CO2-impact possible. Several unique technical adaptations to our installations support our strategy to ever lower this impact.

The raw materials to produce utilities, primarily natural gas are used as efficiently as possible for example in our cogeneration plant at site (total 60 MWe).

The industry park is located in one of the economic heartlands of the North of The Netherlands. Support and assistance for interested companies from the national, regional and local governments is present during the full settlement process. Network organizations like Green PAC and the chemical and agribusiness clusters give support to newcomers to the area as well.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes
Railway yes
Waterway no
Sea harbor no


  • Aramid fibers
  • Polyester fibers
  • Polyamide fibers
  • PET
  • Biodiesel
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Food: gelatine


The utility department of EMMTEC services offers a range of energy and process-related products like steam, electricity and compressed air, as well as different water qualities, nitrogen, natural gas and industrial waste water treatment. Customers have the choice to purchase these services and reduce their capex or do it themselves. The integrated nature of our utility infrastructure offers our customers a very high level of security of supply.

The EMMTEC services utility package includes:

  • electricity
  • steam
  • compressed air
  • demineralized water
  • drinking water
  • cooling water
  • process water
  • natural gas
  • nitrogen

In addition to utilities EMMTEC services offers around the clock logistic, warehousing and laboratory services to the customers. EMMTEC services  Engineering has special focus on and experience with engineering work packages for the process industry both at site and elsewhere.


Industrial waste water treatment

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