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Eerste Bokslootweg 17
7821 AT Emmen
The Netherlands

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Postbus 2250
7801 CG Emmen
The Netherlands

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Senbis Polymer Innovations is a privately owned company that supports its customers with applied polymer research. Our organization has over 25 years of experience in polymer research with a specialization in the development of high-end applications of (bio)polymers in the shape of:

  • (multifilament) yarns
  • monofilaments (e.g. for 3D-printing)
  • fibers
  • non-wovens

In addition we offer polymerization research and any type of physical and mechanical evaluation of polymeric materials. The unique proposal to the market is not only a team of experienced professionals but also the access to a fully equipped polymer laboratory and a pilot plant to produce specialty products and perform proof-of-principle trials.