SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş., a leading Turkish polyester producer under the Erdemoğlu Holding umbrella, is making significant strides towards self-sufficiency in polyester production. A cornerstone of this strategy is the company's PTA (purified terephthalic acid) plant currently under construction in Adana, Turkey.

Project Overview and Goals

The PTA plant boasts an impressive target capacity of 1.75 million tons annually. This ambitious project aims to completely eliminate SASA's dependence on imported PTA, the key raw material for polyester production.  Currently, Turkey consumes roughly 1.7 million tons of PTA per year, and domestic production capacity is limited. By bringing PTA production in-house, SASA aspires to become a major polyester exporter, bolstering the Turkish economy.

Project Progress and Expected Impact

While the initial target of launching production in Q3 2024 has shifted to Q4 2024, SASA has reported substantial progress on the project.  Several crucial units, including the fire water system, cooling tower, and demineralized water facility, are already complete. Commissioning for the HP steam boiler and fuel gas systems has also begun.

The operational PTA plant is expected to deliver a multitude of benefits:

Import Reduction and Cost Savings: SASA will eliminate its reliance on imported PTA, estimated to generate an 11% cost advantage.
Production Capacity Increase: Domestic PTA production will significantly boost SASA's polyester production capacity.
Job Creation: The project is anticipated to create over 430 permanent operational jobs, with additional employment opportunities generated during construction.
Energy Independence: The plant will be self-sufficient in electricity needs by effectively utilizing off-gas produced during operations.
Environmental Benefits: SASA's PTA plant will leverage Invista technology, resulting in 65% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional PTA plants.

A Transforming Force in Turkish Polyester Production

The SASA PTA project represents a significant investment in the future of Turkish polyester production.  By achieving self-sufficiency in PTA production, SASA is poised to become a major player in the global polyester market while promoting sustainable practices and contributing to the Turkish economy. The successful completion of this project will be closely monitored by industry experts and stakeholders eager to witness its transformative impact.