Djewels B.V., 100% owned by HyCC, has contracted McPhy for the electrolyzer supply and Technip Energies for the design and construction of the planned 20 megawatt green hydrogen plant. The contract is subject to a final investment decision for the project, which HyCC aims to take later this year.

Djewels will be a state-of-art electrolysis facility located in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The plant will be operated by HyCC using electrolysers from McPhy to produce up to 3,000 tons of green hydrogen per year from renewable power and water. The green hydrogen can be used by OCI Methanol Europe for the production of renewable methanol to reduce CO2-emissions by up to 27,000 tons per year.  Other companies supporting the project include Gasunie, DeNora and Hinicio.

Djewels will be the first plant at this scale using “Augmented McLyzer” technology from McPhy with higher current density, providing flexibility in production with reduced spatial requirements. This is an important development to enable the scale-up of green hydrogen production in support of the decarbonization of European industries and climate goals.

Djewels is a flagship project for the Province of Groningen and the wider Hydrogen Valley in the Northern Netherlands, supporting sustainable development of regional industries. Its development was supported by the regional Waddenfonds. The project also receives support from the Clean Hydrogen Partnership (former FCH-JU) and has applied for a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to support the deployment of this innovative technology.

Marcel Galjee, Managing Director of HyCC: “Green hydrogen production needs to significantly scale-up in the coming years if we want to reach the European climate goals for 2030. This means we need to deploy innovative technology at scale to gain practical experience. The work of Technip Energies and technology from McPhy allow us to do exactly that.”

Jean Baptiste LUCAS, Chief Executive Officer of McPhy, states: “Collaborating with a major industrial company for an emblematic green hydrogen production project in Europe represents a major step forward for McPhy and the green hydrogen sector.  There are significant projects set up over the last few years, now entering their implementation phase, and we have the resources to seize this opportunity."


Djewels will demonstrate the operational readiness of a 20 MW electrolyser for the production of renewable methanol in real-life industrial and commercial conditions. It will help bring the technology from TRL 7 to TRL 8 and lay the foundations for the scale-up of innovate green hydrogen technology. The project is supported by HyCC, Gasunie, OCI, McpHy, DeNora and Hinicio and will be located in Delfzijl Chemical Park in the Netherlands, where HyCC’s shareholder Nobian already operated an existing chlor-alkali electrolysis facility.

The project is supported by the Dutch Waddenfonds and received funding from the Clean Hydrogen partnership (former FCH-JU) under grant agreement No 826089. The Clean Hydrogen Partnership receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research innovation programme and the Netherlands, Italy, France, and Belgium.


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