Azoty Group S.A. has signed a contract with thyssenkrupp Uhde for the preparation of licensing documentation and the supply of all process equipment for a concentrated ammonium nitrate solution plant (referred to as the Neutralisation Plant) planned to be built in Tarnów. The project’s implementation will mark another step towards fulfilling the objectives of the Green Deal. It will enhance production efficiency by substantially decreasing the energy intensity of the fertilizer manufacturing process, and helps to reduce energy consumption in the production process by over 250,000 GJ per year.

The plant will be built in Tarnów, on the premises of the Fertilizer Business Unit of Grupa Azoty S.A. It will replace the existing deteriorated and more energy-intensive plant and secure raw material for further production of nitrate fertilizers in Tarnów, including Saletrosan and Saletrzak. Its daily production capacity will be 1,500 tonnes of concentrated ammonium nitrate solution (100% equivalent) with a concentration of 94% or 86%.

The new plant will contribute to reducing the consumption rates of basic raw materials, which will lower the plant’s operating costs. It will also mitigate the environmental impact of the fertilizer production process and lower the amount of wastewater generated in the process.

Incorporation of modern solutions in the design of process equipment and instrumentation and control automation will significantly enhance the overall technical safety of the plant.

“The construction of a modern, safe and less energy-intensive ammonium nitrate plant in Tarnów also creates opportunities for further development of the Company’s product offering. Fertilizer production is one of the key areas of Grupa Azoty’s operations, and Grupa Azoty’s strategic development directions include further strengthening of the Group’s position among the leaders in agricultural solutions in Europe,” says Tomasz Hinc, President of the Grupa Azoty S.A. Management Board.

Dr. Cord Landsman, CEO thyssenkrupp Uhde: “This project for Grupa Azoty marks another milestone for us and will further strengthen our position as a technology provider in the fertilizer industry. We at thyssenkrupp Uhde are proud to be selected as the partner to provide a most efficient ammonium nitrate neutralization plant. It's a big step towards a more sustainable chemical industry. We are proud to say that we were the only licensor who could offer a referenced technology which is able to use low-pressure gaseous ammonia as feedstock without requiring an ammonia compressor. This project proves that we can offer advanced ammonium nitrate technologies to the market and deliver the best solutions for our customers.”

The next stage of work is to design the ammonium nitrate production facility and associated facilities, to be followed by execution of contracts with contractors and the start of construction, which is scheduled for late first quarter/early second quarter of 2024, with completion due in the fourth quarter of 2025.