After successfully modernizing the pilot plants at its site in Krefeld (Germany), Evonik will now be able to make superabsorbent technologies usable on an industrial scale more quickly. Several million euros were invested in expanding and optimizing the scale-up infrastructure.
“With these improved facilities we can bring modern generations of superabsorbents to the market even faster and even more efficient,” says Norbert Westerholt, who heads the Baby Care Business Line at Evonik.

The plants are already producing samples for customers. In the spring of the past year, Evonik already opened up a new application technology center for superabsorbents in Krefeld.Thanks to the modernized pilot plants, the company can now do an even better job of integrating product development expertise, knowledge about the effectiveness of the material in customer products, and pilot-scale sample production.

“This will speed up our ability to transfer processes to industrial-scale plants,” Westerholt says. “And it makes us faster, better, and even more reliable.” Internal and external audits have since confirmed that the modernized pilot facilities meet high standards of safety and quality.