Dow Chemical has announced the launch in Tarragona of the first commercial scale plant of its new family of special propylene-ethylene copolymers, Versify plastomers and elastomers. 

Also, recently this company has revealed its commitment to Tarragona, with the inauguration of a new fiber plant and the presentation of a new train for polyethylene, which will be underway in 2006.

A new polyethylene unit will also be built in the Tarragona complex of Dow. It will be underway in the second quarter of 2006 and will help meet the demand for differentiated and high-value polymers for high performance films, consumer products and industrial applications. The new train will have the flexibility to produce various types of resins, from LLDPE and ultra low density to other very differentiated products. Once completed, the new plant will operate worldwide with a capacity of 300,000 tons per year, will give direct work to 18 people and indirectly to 72.

On the other hand, Dow Chemical inaugurated on October 19 its first production plant, world-wide, of Dow XLA elastic fiber in the manufacturing center of Tarragona.



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