BASF plans to expand the global production capacity of its Basoflux® range of paraffin inhibitors at its site in Tarragona, Spain. This investment will enable BASF’s Oilfield Chemicals business to meet the current and future demand of novel paraffin inhibitors for the Oil & Gas industry. Additional assets will create efficiencies and flexibility in the production of newly developed solutions, such as more sustainable aqueous-based dispersion paraffin inhibitors and solvent-based products. This plant expansion will also enable BASF to act swiftly to on-demand changes in the market. First customer deliveries are expected for the beginning of 2025.  

“Through continuous innovation and investments, BASF reinforces its commitment to being a key player in the paraffin inhibitors market,” said Serge Ikink, New Business Development Manager Oilfield Chemicals, BASF. “We are successfully addressing a true market need with our innovative aqueous-based dispersion paraffin inhibitors. From a product standpoint, Basoflux are high-performing products that bring robust reliability in the application, which has led to customer trust even in the most challenging environments.”

Crude oil will continue to be in demand for years to come. As ‘easy oil’ is depleted in many locations, more ‘challenging oil’ needs to be produced. This will lead to an increased need to produce paraffinic crudes, requiring more effective chemistries to maximize the oil flow. BASF works closely with its customers to create fit-for-purpose (F4P) chemistries to support and enable more efficient oil production.

The new Basoflux dispersions produced at BASF’s site in Tarragona will enable its customers to be more sustainable by using much less solvent than usual at lower temperatures. This will lead to cost savings and resource efficiency as less product is used overall.

About BASF Oilfield Chemicals

The global business unit Oilfield Chemicals is a leading supplier of a wide range of high-quality chemicals for oilfield applications, including drilling, cementing, stimulation, production additives, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Our solutions enable customers to maximize value in their oilfield operations and increase the overall efficiency of the well in a large variety of field conditions.  More information is available at

BASF Oilfield Chemicals is part of BASF’s Performance Chemicals division. The division’s portfolio also includes Fuel and Lubricant Solutions, as well as Plastic Additives and Mining Solutions. Customers from a variety of industries including Chemicals, Plastics, Consumer Goods, Energy & Resources, and Automotive & Transportation benefit from our innovative solutions. 


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