Asfaltos Españoles, S.A., (ASESA) is located in the industrial area of Tarragona since 1965, being one of the pioneers in the Territory.

Dedicated to the petroleum refining oriented to obtaining bitumen, ASESA opted in 2010 to diversify its activity in the field of power generation.
The result of this policy is the High Efficiency Cogeneration Plant, with an output of 14.25 MWh, which was at the time an investment of 12.4 million euros.

This facility, not only ensures the power needs of the refinery, but allows exporting to the network about 11 MWh.

The power generated by the plant ASESA, equivalent to the electricity consumption of a population of about 2,000 inhabitants and is an important contribution to the fight against climate change with an annual reduction of 21,500 tons of CO2 emissions generated at the level of the Spain.

Additionally, as a result of the development of the Savings Plan and Energy Efficiency 2010-2014, ASESA is carrying out activities that allow to reduce fuel consumption by 9.0%, which represents an additional annual reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere of about 4,500 tons per year

With a refining capacity of 2% of the Spanish state, ASESA leads bitumen production with a production of 45% of the national total.

The company directly employs 115 people and generates indirect employment to 80 people on a regular basis that can reach 350 people in specific period down times.

ASESA is a company that maintains its commitment with the Territory from the conviction that its refining business oriented to the manufacture of bitumen, as well as efficient, must be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. And all from the conviction that this is the route by which the Company will advance on the way to excellence.




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