As is public knowledge, Indorama Ventures acquired the assets of ARTLANT’s 700.000 tonne PTA unit, located in ZILS – Sines Industrial and Logistic Zone, in Sines, Portugal. Indorama Ventures is the number 1 Thai Company with 70 sites in 4 continents and is the number 1 global integrated PET producer with 20% of the world market share. The new owners of the site in ZILS, will start maintenance works in January 2018 and expect to start production in the second half of 2018.

The company will increase in 10% the actual workforce during first half of 2018, which nowadays has 105 direct jobs.
The total production is for export, being 80% for the European market and Turkey with the remaining 20% for the Americas and Middle East.

In 2018 Indorama will invest about approximately 150 MEur between cash injection and capital expenditure for the restart of the plant in ZILS.

This acquisition will add substantial scale and strengthen to Indorama's leadership in Europe, as will have an important part in expanding Portugal’s exports through Sines, its largest port and industrial and logistic platform.

About aicep Global Parques
aicep Global Parques is the national partner of choice in supporting business location strategies.

aicep Global Parques manages three distinct business parks, suitable to accommodate projects of different sorts and dimensions - ZILS Global Parques in Sines, BlueBiz Global Parques in Setubal and Albiz Global Parques in Albarraque, Sintra.

ZILS Global Parques – Due to the proximity to the Port of Sines, Sines Industrial and Logistic Zone offers a location with a clear Atlantic vocation and with easy and fast access to national and international communication routes. ZILS Global Parques has 2375 ha dedicated to industry, logistics and services, lodging some of the largest national companies, such as Galp, EDP, Repsol, Sonae Industry and Cimpor Group.

aicep Global Parques provides procurement services for the industry and logistics in mainland Portugal with Global Find and Global Force services.

Global Find, a web platform based on geographic information systems, identifies localization solutions in mainland Portugal, suitable to the requirements of a given project and is free of charge. Global Force encompass tailor-made procurement services with the production of detailed reports, assistance to business set-up and support to business parks management and promotion.

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