Leuna -  “Our deepened cooperation does not only strengthen us, but also the Leuna chemical site. This and other investments are opening up a new chapter in our longstanding history“, emphasizes the refinery’s Managing Director Dr. Willi Frantz. The new structure allows TOTAL to provide for an even better regional feedstock integration. “Moreover, this further development is to be considered our reaction on the long-term decline in the European demand of gasoline, as we are adapting our yield patterns respectively”, Frantz adds with regard to the strategic orientation of the refinery.

For DOMO, decisive advantages result from an intensified cooperation with TOTAL. “This investment ensures our long-term access to a strategic feedstock for our integrated polyamide 6 production sequence”, says Luc De Raedt, Managing Director of DOMO Caproleuna GmbH. DOMO and the TOTAL Raffinerie have been closely working together for years. The refinery is already supplying propylene, an important raw material of caprolactam and polyamide 6 production. Among other applications, polyamide 6 serves to manufacture packaging films in food and pharmaceutical industries and is used for injection moulding in the automotive sector as well as spinning of textiles.

“TOTAL’s and DOMO’s investment represents an important step to further consolidate our networking at our Leuna chemical site. This project impressively demonstrates how potential synergies are successfully developed in Leuna, in close and trustful cooperation across corporate boundaries. I am especially pleased that, in the 100th year of Leuna’s existence, DOMO and TOTAL, key customers of InfraLeuna, send out this strong positive signal for the future of this chemical site”, says Dr. Christof Günther, Managing Director of InfraLeuna GmbH.


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