PITTSBURGH – PPG (NYSE: PPG) today held a ceremony marking the completion of a project to increase precipitated silica production capacity at its Delfzijl, Netherlands, manufacturing location. The expansion, which came on line earlier this year, adds capacity of more than 15,000 tons per year of advanced precipitated silica products.

The added capacity helps PPG meet growing global demand for AGILON® performance silica products, including fulfilling multiyear global supply agreements with major tire manufacturers.

“This investment here in Delfzijl demonstrates PPG’s continued commitment to our global customers,” said PPG Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael McGarry, who spoke at the event. “We worked in partnership with local authorities to expand our capabilities here and deliver growth focused on innovative and sustainable technology.”

Agilon performance silica is a high-value technology platform of chemically-modified precipitated silica that can improve product performance. When used in tires, it helps improve vehicle fuel efficiency, tire traction and treadwear by as much as 5 to 10 percent. Agilon performance silica also provides environmental and manufacturing benefits by improving throughput, and by reducing capital expenditure, energy usage and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

“Demand for Agilon performance silica is growing globally as more of our customers successfully commercialize products using this technology,” said Anup Jain, PPG vice president, specialty coatings and materials. “We are excited about the expansion and to have increased flexibility for producing both conventional precipitated silica and Agilon silica.”

PPG pioneered synthetic precipitated silica, becoming one of the first manufacturers to bring it to market in the 1930s. Today, PPG’s silica products group is a global leader in the manufacture of precipitated silica for use as a reinforcing filler in tire, industrial, footwear and silicone rubber applications; as microporous filler in battery separator applications; as a flatting and thickening agent in coating, adhesive and sealant applications; and as an anti-caking, free-flow and carrier agent in food, feed and industrial applications.

As part of PPG’s specialty coatings and materials business, the silica products group serves customers through a global network of manufacturing, research and technical-support facilities. For more information about PPG silica products, visit www.ppgsilica.com.