Visiting address

Port of Amsterdam head office
De Ruijterkade 7
1013 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Postal address

Port of Amsterdam head office
P.O. Box 19406
1000 GK Amsterdam
The Netherlands


The port of Amsterdam is the 4th port of Europe and one of the founding economic pillars of the city of Amsterdam. Through the centuries it has evolved into one of the world’s key international logistics hubs, a renowned metropolitan port. Interwoven in the city and with Europe’s preferred airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, only 15 minutes away, it is a sought after location by many international companies.

The port area is managed, operated and developed by Port of Amsterdam. Port of Amsterdam’s main aim is stimulating economic activity and employment in the entire Amsterdam port region. The company ensures a safe, swift and environmentally responsible management of shipping traffic within its working area. Port of Amsterdam’s exploitation is aimed at port sites (rental and leasing), quays and water. The port area offers large plots with flexible lay outs for development and space for various business activities. From research and development to heavy industry. With its central location and excellent hinterland connections through rail, road and inland waterways, the Amsterdam port offers its customers fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable facilities.

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