Avenida de la Ría, 3 (Antigua Avenida Tomás Domínguez). Edificio Centro de Cooperación Empresarial Andalucía-Algarve
Planta 4
21001 Huelva


Atlantic Copper began operating the Copper Smelter and Refinery in Huelva in 1970. In 1993, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc. acquired the entire business, which represented the beginning of a new stage.
In 1994 the company invested more than 200 million euros to double the capacity of the smelter and refinery in Huelva and get ahead in meeting environmental requirements.
This investment and those that have followed since, have enabled more than one million tons of copper concentrate per year to melt and reach a production capacity of copper anodes 330,000 tons / year and 285,000 tons / year of cathodes copper operate with maximum respect for the environment and with the best technologies available.
Atlantic Copper is one of the leading companies in Huelva. It provides direct employment to about 1,000 people, of which 50% are own staff and other auxiliary personnel companies that provide daily service on the premises. The direct, indirect and induced employment generated by the activity of the company is estimated at 2,000 people

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