Avda. Marquès de Montoliu, 2 entl.
43002 Tarragona

Teresa Pallarès

Director General
34 977 251 523


AEQT is the Business Association representing the Chemical Industry of the greater Tarragona area (northeast Spain by the Mediterranean Sea), the country’s main chemical and petrochemical production area and the 3rd largest in Europe in terms of ethylene production. Port of Tarragona ensures the import flow of competitive feedstock for the industry.

Yearly production at the greater Tarragona area amounts to 21 million tons and includes Petrochemicals, Inorganic and Organic basic Chemicals, Polymers, Chemical Intermediates, Chemical Specialties and Fine Chemicals. There is a high degree of integration among companies, one third of total production being used as used as feedstock for further processing by chemical industries in the area. 

Exports, mainly to the EU, amount to 25% of global production. Chemical and petrochemical products represent about 60% of the Port of Tarragona traffic, thus contributing to a balanced and sustainable European logistics.

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