Infraserv GmbH & Co. Knapsack KG

Full ECSPP member since 1 June 2016

As operator of the chemical park, InfraServ Knapsack offer circa 10 international companies operating in the chemical industry (production of organic and inorganic chemicals, crop protection products, fine and special chemicals, plastics) optimum opportunities to operate their production plants. However, InfraServ Knapsack does not only serve customers in the chemical park, but they offer a full range of services from just one source to customers outside the park as well. Services include plant planning and construction as well as the maintenance and certification of industrial plants. InfraServ Knapsack can draw on their decades of practical experience in this sector.

Core Sectors / Industries

Plant protection products
Fungicide, Herbicide, Pesticide, Safener

Specialty chemicals
Monochloracetic acid, Flame retardants, Phosphorous products, Runway deicer

Energy production
Electric power, Steam

Chlorine, Caustic soda, Hydrogen, 1,2-dichlorethan, Vinylchloride, Phosphor-pentasulfide

Polypropylene, PP-compounds, Polyvinylchloride

New materials
High temperature superconducter

Present at parks