Groningen Seaports invests €43.7 million in Oosterhorn-Zuid

21 March 2022

Groningen Seaports is investing €43.7 million in the Oosterhorn-Zuid industrial site in Delfzijl. The general management made this decision on Friday 18 March. The area already forms part of the land of Groningen Seaports; it is not an extension. The area needs to be developed because space in the port is becoming increasingly scarce, while the industrial market and the corresponding demand for space continue to grow. Groningen Seaports sees this reflected in the sharp increase in the number of companies wanting to establish in its management area.

The circular and biobased economy in Delfzijl is developing rapidly, with efforts being made to achieve sustainable growth. The marketing strategy for this purpose has resulted in many companies wanting to establish in the area.

Developing the Oosterhorn-Zuid region means that Groningen Seaports is fulfilling its mission of sustainably developing and exploiting industrial sites and contributing to employment in the region. Groningen Seaports’ CEO Cas König welcome’s the general management’s approval of the plans: “Groningen’s ports have been fully under development for some time now. Both the Eemshaven as sites in Delfzijl have become more sought-after than ever. Many parties have already reserved land at Oosterhorn-Zuid or are in the final stages of the process. Giving substance to Oosterhorn-Zuid is very important to ensure that the port continues to grow sustainably.”


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