After years of preparation, construction has officially begun on Circtec's flagship circular factory in the Chemical cluster Delfzijl. A consortium of European, national, and regional investors has finalized financing for this industrial showcase. Circtec has entered into a lease agreement with Groningen Seaports for a 21-hectare site. The company will occupy a space in the Oosterhorn-Zuid industrial estate.

CIRCTEC to Transform Used Tires into Green Chemicals and Materials

Circtec will use an innovative process to transform 200,000 tons of used tires in Delfzijl into a range of green chemicals and materials. The company aims to reclaim carbon black from used tires and use it to make new tires. New plastics will be made from circular naphtha. The biofuels produced will be used to decarbonize international shipping.

The overall CO2 savings are substantial. When the factory is fully operational, the CO2 reduction from this project will be equivalent to 5% of the total emissions from the Dutch chemical sector. Circtec is thus making a significant contribution to creating a circular economy. For the region, this represents a major boost for circularity in the chemical industry.

The plan is to further expand the factory in the period 2027-2028. In total, the new factory will provide employment for over 120 people.

Circular Park

The circular economy in Delfzijl is developing rapidly, and with the arrival of Circtec, the Oosterhorn-Zuid industrial estate is increasingly taking shape as a circular park. Groningen Seaports' CEO Cas König is therefore pleased that the company has chosen Delfzijl: “It fits perfectly with our ambition to stimulate the circular economy. The establishment of Circtec will lead to more activities within our area and give a significant boost to the circular industry. This development aligns perfectly with our objectives to stimulate economic developments in the surrounding area.”


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