Ludwigshafen, Germany - With a single-digit million-euro investment, BASF has enhanced the flexibility of its water-soluble polyacrylate production plant at the company's Ludwigshafen site, Germany, and slightly expanded capacity. The upgraded plant is now operational, enabling customers in the household and commercial cleaning products, as well as for chemical and formulator industries to benefit from the expanded capacity in specialty chemicals.

"High-performance water-soluble polyacrylates and copolymers are an indispensable component of our customers' formulations. With this investment and our applications expertise, we are supporting our European customers in their efforts to boost their market growth with differentiated products," said Soeren Hildebrandt, Senior Vice President, Home Care, I&I and Industrial Formulators Europe at BASF.

Water-soluble polyacrylates and copolymers are marketed by the Care Chemicals operating division under the Sokalan® brand and have numerous applications. Sokalan® PA and Sokalan® CP grades are used in the household and commercial cleaning products industry for water softening and in various technical processes, for example to prevent fouling. As dye transfer inhibitors, Sokalan® HP grades protect fabrics from discoloration during washing. Sokalan® NR grades represent the latest class of polyacrylates whose narrow molecular weight distribution makes them highly effective mineral dispersing agents.