The largest investment of Woikoski’s 132-year history, the ninth air gas production facility, has started operation on Kokkola Industrial Park. The plant will produce gas and liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon for the industrial and health care sectors. The investment promotes the company’s continuity and creates new potential for growth. The total investment in the Kokkola region amounts to 35 million euros, including the construction of a hydrogen plant, set to be completed in spring 2014.

Woikoski has carried out these notable investments with funding from banks and without any state support or aid. Including indirect effects, the investment will result in around 15 new jobs. The amount of work brought on by the investment projects amounts to around 200 person-years.

The air gas plant has been built with the latest technology, with special emphasis placed on the efficiency of the cooling technique and energy consumption, process measurement, and the high quality of finished products. The new plant will increase Woikoski’s production capacity significantly, which, when coupled with state-of-the-art transport solutions, will offer added value to the company’s old and new clients alike.

Plant up and running in a year

Work on the facility was completed very rapidly, considering that Woikoski only announced its investment plans exactly a year ago on 14 January 2013. During its test run, the plant produced oxygen and nitrogen only 14 months and 10 days after the signing of the acquisition agreement. The rapid building project was made possible by excellent collaboration with the plant’s main suppliers and subcontractors, the top-quality infrastructure in the Kokkola Industrial Park, and the business-friendly attitude of the City of Kokkola.


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