CABB's Business Unit Custom Manufacturing continues its growth strategy with the start-up of investments totalling € 10 million in its Kokkola (Finland) and Pratteln (Switzerland) multi-purpose plants. € 8 million have been invested in the expansion of solid isolation capabilities and reactor capacities in its Kokkola plant. Moreover, CABB is just completing an investment of more than € 2 million in the debottlenecking of its Pratteln solid isolation capabilities. Both measures will be fully realised within 2012.

The Business Unit Custom Manufacturing produces mainly agrochemicals and intermediates for agrochemical, pharmaceutical and speciality applications at its Swiss and Finnish sites. The expansion and debottlenecking is especially necessary due to the growing demand for agrochemicals and other customised products.

CABB has acquired KemFine Oy in August 2011. By the end of 2011 the custom manufacturing activities of KemFine Oy in Finland and CABB AG in Switzerland have been merged and the Business Unit Custom Manufacturing has been formed. These customer focussed changes further strengthen CABB's close relationships to its top tier customers and address their growing demands. Today, CABB constitutes a major European source for customised solutions for agrochemical and fine chemical applications.