Pharmaceutical company strengthens integrated research and development platform

Sanofi commissioned its new cell culture plant at Industriepark Höchst in June 2011. The diversifyed healthcare company invested around EUR 30 million to build the plant, which will produce monoclonal antibodies using biotechnological processes. Monoclonal antibodies are highly specialized protein molecules that inhibit disease or marshal the body’s natural defenses against illness. These therapeutic antibodies can be used to help heal wounds and treat various forms of cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and infections. Around 80 employees at the cell culture plant will produce the antibodies for preclinical and clinical trials. The cell culture plant – which more than doubles the cell culture production capacity at the site – has come online at the right time for Sanofi : it is focusing more and more on targeted biopharmaceutical therapies, a fast-growing worldwide market.

Reinforced market position

“I am thrilled that we have successfully expanded this cutting-edge technology within the group in Frankfurt,” explained Martin Siewert, General Manager of Sanofi -Aventis Deutschland GmbH. “The new cell culture plant adds a valuable component to our integrated research and development platform at the park and reinforces Sanofi ’s overall position in the biotech market.” Industriepark Höchst is the only Sanofi
site worldwide that has activities in every stage of drug discovery and development.