On the EPCA website you can find several studies performed by academics, consultancy firms and representatives of the chemical business.

For a link to the Supply Chain Studies on the ECPA website click here.


In 2013 and 2014 ECSPP was one of the consortium partners of the EU funded LOCIMAP project.

LOCIMAP is the EU Low Carbon Industrial Manufacturing Parks project and the concept is based on re-examining the structure of industry parks using best practice benchmarks from across leading parks in the EU and elsewhere, and the partners proven record in Industrial Symbiosis.

A series of short papers has been published (see documents below) on setting out how Europe can look to build on its existing energy intensive industrial complexes.

More information on the project can be found on www.locimap.eu.


  • White Paper 1 (pdf - 921 KB)
    The challenges facing the European Industrial Parks
  • White Paper 2 (pdf - 762 KB)
    Industrial Symbioses
  • White Paper 3 (pdf - 606 KB)
    Smart Future Industrial Parks
  • White Paper 4 (pdf - 843 KB)
    New Operational & Organisational Structures
  • White Paper 5 (pdf - 1.2 MB)
    10 Principles for a Low Carbon Future