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Triton Power is a private British company in the electricity generation sector, with a focus on:

  • Power generation: They have a capacity of 1.35 GW and supply power to the UK market through their power stations.
  • Reliability: Their operations play a crucial role in maintaining a stable electricity supply, especially when renewable sources like wind or solar are insufficient.
  • Supporting the grid: They assist the National Grid with managing the stability of the electricity system through a special contract.
  • Sustainability: While acknowledging the importance of renewable energy sources, they highlight the current need for gas-fired generation to ensure a smooth transition towards a net-zero carbon emission future. They are also involved in initiatives to minimize their environmental impact.
  • Power stations: They operate three power stations located in Cornwall, Wales, and Hull.
  • Apprenticeships: They offer apprenticeship programs in areas like electrical and instrumentation maintenance.

Overall, Triton Power appears to be a key player in the UK's electricity sector, providing reliable power generation while also undertaking efforts to support the shift towards a more sustainable energy future.