Cemelot Campus
Urmonderbaan 22
6167 RD Geleen
The Netherlands


Syclus’ ambition is to become a leading producer for 100% biobased and fully circular raw materials, starting with bio-ethylene. These will be used for making plastics and offer society an alternative to oil based plastics and hard to recycle bio plastics. Plastics made from Syclus bio-ethylene have a low carbon footprint and can be recycled. Both mechanical and chemical.

Syclus plans a production facility for the production of 100 kilotonne per annum capacity. We want to realize this at the Chemelot site in The Netherlands: this site has the ambition to become the most competitive and sustainable materials and chemicals site in Western Europe [1]. Our first production-plant could already use the CO2 captured by fast growing plants to save up to 270 kilotonne per annum of greenhouse gas emissions. This is equivalent to the CO2-footprint of 30.000 average Dutch persons. Applying commercially available and proven technology allows Syclus to deliver in time and with a high level of certainty to all stakeholders.

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