Innomost Oy
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67900 Kokkola

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Innomost is a Finnish company focused on creating sustainable solutions for the chemical industry. Their mission is to:

  • Replace harmful ingredients: Innomost develops biodegradable, upcycled ingredients derived from forest industry side streams, such as birch bark. These ingredients can be used as substitutes for harmful ingredients like microplastics in various products and industries.
  • Promote sustainability: They are committed to using renewable resources and minimizing environmental impact throughout their production process.
  • Offer high-value products: Innomost's products, like Barkinno™ Birch Bark Powder and Betuinno™ Betulin, are designed to be innovative and high-performing, providing a viable alternative to traditional ingredients.

Innomost's solutions align with the growing demand for sustainable practices in the chemical industry. Their focus on upcycled, biobased ingredients makes them a potential partner for chemical companies seeking to:

  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Develop more sustainable products
  • Meet increasing customer demand for eco-friendly solutions