ChemCom Industries B.V.
Haven 3353, Oosterhorn 10
NL-9930 AC Delfzijl
The Netherlands


ChemCom stands for Chemical Competence. ChemCom Industries' vision is to transform the existing company into a company with a broader, more sustainable and greener pallet of products and services.

For the market this means 

  • Continuing and expanding current business operations;
  • Developing new products and services using existing knowledge and infrastructure;
  • Develop a new portfolio of innovative, more sustainable and green products by forming strategic alliances;
  • Integration in, and cooperation with, the local industry in Delfzijl;
  • Cost price leadership.

current product range

Methanol. Formaldehyde, Resins, Superplasticizers, Slow Release Fertilizers, Steam.

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