Paul-Baumann-Straße 1
45772 Marl

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VESTOLIT GmbH operates in Marl the largest fully integrated PVC (polyvinyl chloride) production plants in Europe, with a capacity of 400,000 tonnes per annum.

Integration means that, from the starting point of energy and the raw materials ethylene and rock salt via the intermediate products EDC (ethylene dichloride) and VCM (vinyl chloride), the production of PVC all takes place at one location.

On 01.01.1995, VESTOLIT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of today's Evonik, took over the appropriate business and production units of the then Hüls AG. On 01.12.1999, VESTOLIT was acquired by a finance consortium. The consortium is led by a group of international investors under the leadership of Candover plc., based in London. In September 2006, VESTOLIT is positioning itself with a new investor: Strategic Value Partner, Greenwich, CT/USA managed funds and the VESTOLIT Management are acquiring all shares in the VESTOLIT Group.

All the VESTOLIT production units are located on the Marl chemical complex. The interlocking layout there provides ideal conditions for the supply of energy, raw materials and services. For over 50 years now, PVC has been produced in Marl. This plastic is outstanding on account of its using such limited amounts of raw material, and its longevity. It is therefore particularly suitable for manufacturing products for the building and automotive sectors.

VESTOLIT is market leader as raw material supplier for the manufacture of window frames, as well as paste-making PVC for floor coverings, tarpaulin fabrics and underbody coatings.