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Tereos' roots reach back 200 years but it was twice reborn during the last few years; first, after being spun off from Eridania Béghin-Say in 2001 and second, when it partnered with French co-op group, Union SDA, in 2004. Tereos, now a co-op of other co-ops, is one of the world's top sugar companies. Its 12,000 sugar-beet growers produce some of Europe's leading consumer sugar brands (l'Antillaise, C'est la Vie, Les Pure Canne). Tereos also makes industrial sweeteners, as well as ethyl alcohol, ethanol for fuel, and alcohols for distillers. In 2010 Tereos spun off most of its non-sugar-beet business in a new company called Tereos Internacional and formed a stevia-production joint venture with PureCircle.

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