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Chemicals in Provence, a strong sector with great potential

The chemical industry in Provence includes a very wide range of activities from petrochemicals to specialty chemicals for the semiconductor industry. This activity was developed west of the city of Marseilles, from the industrial-port zone of Fos-Lavéra to the banks of the Etang de Berre lake, constituting one of the most important chemical centers in Europe.

Thanks to the Marseilles-Fos port, Provence saw the establishment of both major international groups as well as smaller businesses. In the region, the industry has growth potential for the basic chemical market and the applied chemicals market. The development of European and Mediterranean markets reinforces this outlook.

All major product groups are present in the region’s chemical industry: petrochemicals, polymers, fine chemicals and intermediate chemicals.
The region is the largest petrochemical hub in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin area with a total of 10,000 jobs.
Each year, the chemical industry invests several hundred million euros in new constructions and industrial maintenance

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