NUON Energie und Service GmbH
Boos-Fremery-Straße. 62
52525 Heinsberg


Industriepark Oberbruch reflects an interesting concept in current investment philosophies for chemical companies expanding to Europe. It is a center for companies engaged in leading future technologies - for example, innovative new materials (e.g., carbon fibers) and fuel cells. Increasing demand for lightweight high performance composite materials and renewable energies encouraged the founding of a Competence Center for process chemicals and new materials. Since 2000 Industriepark Oberbruch has been managed by NUON, one of Europe's largest electric power generation/ distribution companies. NUON combines the experience gained through many years of co-operation with the chemicals industry and its strength as a European power supplier, to provide an unrivalled standard of industrial park management and Best Practice.

Core Sectors / Industries 

Processing Chemicals, Plastics and New Materials.

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