Polynt-Reichhold Group, a global producer in composite materials, intermediate chemicals, coating resins, thermosetting composites, gel coats, and niche chemical specialties, announces that a new reactor has been ordered to support its own internal consumption of Maleic Anhydride for the growing worldwide Composites business. The reactor, that has a capacity of 60 ktpa of Maleic Anhydride, will be installed in the Ravenna site, and it is expected to be placed in operation during 2021.

The new reactor will be manufactured by Walter Tosto Spa, a recognized worldwide major manufacturer of top quality high pressure equipment and vessels for the Petrochemical Industry.

Rosario Valido, Group President and CEO, commented: “The integration between intermediates and resins is a founding principle of our group. We are committed to continue to support this business model as our worldwide production of Composites grows, assuring a consistent and reliable supply of our internal building blocks. The new reactor in Ravenna, designed according to our proprietary technologies, will continue to fulfill those needs with the required quantities of Maleic Anhydride.”

About Polynt-Reichhold Group:

Polynt-Reichhold Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of specialties, intermediates and composites for the industrial, transportation, building and construction, marine, medical, consumer and food additive markets. Polynt-Reichhold Group has 37 manufacturing operations throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.